Hi! I'm Sabbie.

I love a lot of things—and I mean a lot of things. I can obsess and feel till the end of time. I'm incredibly indecisive and have a terrible memory. I'm almost always a chaotic oxymoron but I also love to keep a lot of things really simple. I live to make things prettier and dream of creating a career around the idea of a beautiful everyday.

I love pirates and mummies and basically anything way past it's expiration date. I read history textbooks for fun and live for music but am totally tone deaf. I am building a small empire of red sweaters and silly socks, and everything I plant dies. 

All in all, I make little sense and can never quite make up my mind about myself, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


P.s. I also love post scripts to a ridiculous degree.

About Fuchsia:

When I was thirteen, I was (somehow) even zanier than I am now. My best friend and I would draw up comics and make up wild tales of all the things we could one day do (including my life's dream of running away to the Himalayas). We actually went ahead and made up aliases for ourselves and I decided I would be Fuchsia Violet. Well, I never really outgrew that adventurous, off-kilter alter-ego of mine (thank goodness!) and I pull it out every day in order to stay curious and creative. Today, I use it as a brand for myself because Fuchsia, to me, is everything I strive to be. Bright, beautiful and curious.

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