Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Meanwhile in Canada...


Okay, so maybe I'm just propagating stereotypes here but, really? Canada? Really?

A Canadian Car Chase:

I know some Canadians despise this commercial but it cracks me up every time! 
(psst, don't think this is how it goes down in real life though!—no, for that 
we'd whip out our emergency bobsleighs—duh!)


Like, literally everything freezes when we walk out. Trust me, there have been times I have been afraid to move my hair in case it had frozen (never mind the plausibility of that situation!). And I can't forget all the mile-long line ups for the bathrooms during recess (anything to get a minute of the great indoors)!

Anyways, I've seen my share of bloggers living it up in the sun while I'm pulling on layers upon my layers so…I'll admit it. It kind of gets to one and sometimes, the quest for warmth can take over (from the frozen tips of one's hair to one's long-forgotten toes)…

But, hey, I adore this lovely nation, so, I'll share a little secret. The secret to loving it.

When the temperature gets so low that even the most minuscule nose hairs freeze, when every breath you take from your car to the door is like a lungful of ice, and you wake up on Monday morning realizing you didn't step out of the house for three days, well…it takes a lot of humour to keep us Canadians sane. Right, Jim Carrey? (What? I had to bring him up!…And Mike Myers…Seth Rogan…not to forget Russell Peters… :)

Well, this one is less funny because it
really hit home for me :( Source
And that, dear blogosphere, is why over thirty four million people still choose to call this Great White North their home (never mind that this is still less than the population of the state of California!)
Because when you are out there every four hours, breaking your back shovelling through yet another fresh foot of snow, you can bet that there is another Canadian out there, somewhere, going through the exact same thing you are. (Or, hopefully, your entire neighbourhood is out there and some kind soul has volunteered to do a Timmies run). And because your situation can be so darn ridiculous that there really is no choice but to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. But you can also bet that when summer comes, we make the best of each and every moment. No matter what. ;)

In the meantime, here's a few more exaggerated truths about Canada. Aren't they magnificent?

Hockey is never just hockey. Ever. Source.
Because our cars aren't just cars. They are Cars. Source
Our "gangs" are lovely. Source
Here's to keep sane, you crazy beautiful country, you!

P.S. It's okay, anyways. We have poutine.

P.p.s. And this guy's clearly on our side!

Jim Carrey Explains Canada

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