Thursday, 19 June 2014

The Mean Reds

Confession: I wear wayyyy too much red. Especially in cooler weather. So much so, my friends have made it a game to count the number of red things I have on me every day. But can you blame me for this obsession? Red is the perfect colour.

left, right

But not any red will do, I usually prefer deeper, richer shades. A nice cherry red, a burgundy, a wine shade…I love them all! But bright orange-red (like on a yard sale sign) can be a bit garish to me. One of my all time favourite reds is Raven Red by Revlon. It is exquisite and I spent years looking for the perfect red nail polish until I found this beauty.

left, right

I absolutely adore red poppies in a clear vase on a white table and am looking for some realistic faux stems. Also, my room is basically a medley of whites, greys and reds—further reinforcing the idea that my favourite colour is red (which it actually isn't! I'll always love green best!)

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