Thursday, 9 January 2014

As The Lights Twinkle

Aren't fairy lights magnificent? I just ADORE them!! They are so whimsical and sophisticated at the same time. So fun and versatile, you can bring them out during the holidays or a wedding and keep them up all year long! You can entangle them somewhere in your backyard or drape them in your bedroom. Where ever I find these beautiful, beautiful lights, I just fall in love!

Fairy lights. My kind of party lights!
Warm fairy lights just add instant warmth to any space at all! Isn't this
nook crazy comfy looking?
I usually insist that warm lights are the way to go but the cool lights on 
the left are too wonderful to say no to!
Sometimes a lot of fairy lights are in order!
But a simple string is so enchanting!
Isn't this an easy way to add to your sweet dreams?


P.S. It's kind of random but the first time I actually noticed and appreciated fairy lights was in this little moment from 17 Again:

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