Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Early Bird (…yeuck!)

Ah! I haven't been up this early for a long time. Six AM on a day I don't even have to leave until one-thirty in the afternoon!

But, I'm proud to say I did get up, even if I had to bribe myself with a breakfast tray and a movie! I actually made oatmeal (cinnamon-apple oatmeal with almonds and coconut sprinkles, to be exact!), something I haven't had since a camping trip last summer (that was another early morning). And the movie I watched was The Jane Austen Book Club (meh), because I am totally into Jane Austen right now :) What else goes better with early mornings and cups of tea?

As for actually staying up, I kind of…totally…fell asleep during the bonus features. Oh well, just a short nap. Ok, it won't happen again! Can't, actually, because I do have an early class tomorrow and on Friday. Good.

Oh World, why must you drag us all out of bed so early? Or maybe I'm just a night owl…Okay, I am most definitely a night owl. Just yesterday, my professor was sharing a little bit of the night owl vs. lark debate. Apparently people actually enjoy being up early. Hm. Alright, I actually understand that because there have been years when I tried to get up at five am to workout (crazy high school phases, eh?). Thankfully, I realized it just wasn't working because it just wasn't my thing to do. Ever since, it's basically been my law to stay in bed at least until eight.

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It's funny because, this year, everyone in my family is actually up and about before dawn. It's just me lying in bed at eight in the morning, cursing the crack of dawn, while my brother has already hit the gym, had two breakfasts and is sitting in a classroom!

Necessity is the mother of invention. That's what they say, right? Well, it can be applied to this situation because now that I simply have to wakeup early, I must find ways to do it. A great technique is to convince yourself that the magic of a quiet morning before the world wakes up is better than the magic after the world goes to sleep…yeah, still working on that one. But the next best thing is to bribe yourself. Whatever it takes. An awesome pair of fuzzy socks with your morning outfit, your favourite breakfast, a good movie, anything really. I just need something to lure me out from under those cozy duvets!

And, of course, I must share the best thing to soothe one's soul at the crack of a (freezing) dawn:

Ed Sheeran!


  1. Hi Sabbie! So nice to see the little virtual world you come from :) Just wanted to extend my warmest wishes to you for this new year and thank you for all your sweet comments (that I always look forward to). Loving that you're forcing yourself to wake up early! I'm actually an early riser... perhaps try drinking tea in a quiet spot in your home and watching the sun come up once a week? It's quite relaxing! x

    1. Hi there! It means so much to me to have you visit my blog :) I'm still trying to get it up and going, so it's extra sweet of you! And, aw, I love visiting your blog and I do comment from the heart as Chevrons and Éclairs is a wonderful world to step into! As for the tea, it's quickly becoming my go- to! Here's to early mornings! <3


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