Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Changing Faces


So, this is my first official blog post on here and I am sooo excited!!
I could have started it a long while ago but I was always too lazy or too full of doubts to actually go through with it. Luckily, this time, I've somehow pushed myself into actually getting down to putting my ideas, thoughts and life out there! So, here's to a brand new year full of trying new things! :)

Being an interior design student, I have always expressed a penchant for doing artsy things and personalizing everything. Naturally, my room was an outlet for this creativity, my blank canvas. I am grateful my parents encouraged this, even praising the time that (as a ten year old) I took Magic Markers to my walls and glue gunned things everywhere.

My family moved in 2006 and I was jumping for joy at the prospect of a new blank canvas, so, here is what I did then:

2007: Amateur attempt, I know. And rather stark and awkward. But I promise it aged gracefully!

2010: This was my pride and joy! I painted it myself and hit up IKEA (forever, my love) while salvaging and redoing some older pieces. This was a very colourful stage!

July 2013: I was pining away for a loft bed for years when it suddenly dawned on me that I would not be getting one (size and availability options sucked!), so my brother spontaneously suggested a shuffle of my room layout and…I loved it! Opened up so much space!

August 2013: An awkward in-between stage, here you can see elements of the old room giving way to what would be. As beautiful as all the colours had looked, I was tired of them and found that style too visually overwhelming for my own room, so I broke out the grey!! And I love it so much...

January 2014: My pride and joy again, walking into my room at the end of a hectic day is a real relief. Before college started, I decided to purge everything (visual and physical clutter) to create a serene getaway that complements (not overpowers) my life and mind. I love this style so much: it's endlessly beautiful to me and oh-so-practical!

So that's a quick look at the transformations my room has undergone over the past seven or so years! It's been a frustrating, confusing, overwhelming, exciting and inspiring journey. But it was necessary for me to explore all the different ways of creating my environment. And I can honestly say that my room is a true extension of myself, and looking back at it's phases, it's a looking glass right into my own life. That's why I'm mad about my room :)

One quick question, though, (I always find it interesting to hear the varying opinions on this): Which phase looks better: 2010 or 2014? Or maybe July 2013? Let me know in the comments!

Happy New Year!

P.s. I'm planning on posting a little bit about how I actually went about creating these looks, so that should be fun! And I've been getting a few requests from family and friends for design help, so that should make for a some exciting posts this spring!


  1. beautiful refurnishing! happy new year!

  2. Aw, thank you. Happy New Year to you as well!


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