Thursday, 2 January 2014

Crafty Woman: Making Chandeliers!

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So, as I tried to point out in my last post, I try to keep my room evolving. You know, keep up with new ideas, new phases, etc.

My next move, I think, will be to install a new light fixture. Even my little brother can distinguish that there is something lacking in the current set-up: A great blank, white expanse of popcorn ceiling only punctuated by an out-of-proportion run-of-the-mill little lamp fixture. Yeuck!

However, interesting light fixtures are often ridiculously overpriced. It's way too easy to fall for these amazing chandeliers that one just can't afford. Luckily, the internet offers a plethora of DIY alternatives! There are literally ways you can make replicas of your favourite designer fixtures! The best part? You can take pride in knowing that you not only (cleverly) saved yourself some cash but you got to flex your creative muscles and can take pride in what you made yourself.

Above: Capiz Shell Chandeliers are quite beautiful but also pricey. The one on the left is from West Elm and the one on the right was made by LisaRoy. I am actually making a smaller version of this chandelier for my room (and also following these slightly different instructions). Isn't it cool that the DIY is made of wax paper?! I actually began it by ironing the sheets together and began painstakingly cutting the "shells" with scissors. Yikes, I know. I'm looking for a hole-punch now!

Above: And, of course, rope chandeliers are ever-charming! The one on the left is from West Elm again. It's quite nice and has a geometric quality to it, but I actually prefer the DIY one created by Remodelaholic. This is a really interesting way to have both a traditional, formal shape and a trendy, casual material. Lovely!

Above: Lots of people admire the classic crystal chandelier, right? But I've always dreamed of making my own and am planning on following The Pink Little Notebook's instructions to make something similar to her project, as shown above, for my parent's room.

So those are my own top three DIY favourites, all found on a fab little index that I totally encourage you to take a look at!

My top pick for ingenuity on that index? The Test Tube Chandelier! :

It's just so fantastic! Just imagine someone walking into your space and seeing this… I couldn't actually find instructions for this piece, just a sold-out message on Etsy, though. But maybe I'll figure it out one day!

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