Monday, 6 January 2014

A Little Charm

Lately, I've found that my Pinterest account has been swarmed by charming little accessories. I've found myself especially drawn to jewellery for the hands. I've worn loads of charm bracelets, braided bracelets and odd bangles throughout high school but only recently have I really begun to appreciate and crave the beauty of a simple ring (or stacks of them)!

Today, after my only class, I had to go looking for a good puffer coat at the mall next door—I've gotta battle this sudden deep freeze! Instead of a coat, I ended up spending a half hour scouring Ardène's racks for these gorgeous little rings!

I tend to love dainty little rings more (left finger, above) but a great statement piece is a lot of fun as well (right finger, above)!

Isn't turquoise a beautiful colour? I loved all three of these rings at first sight!

So, I must admit that I usually avoid Ardène like the plague but I'm glad some magical force drew me in today! Especially since I got all of the above rings for a grand total of ten dollars!
What a great start to the semester! I wonder, what's next?

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