Saturday, 25 January 2014

Seeing Green

Haha, Seeing Green. I'm quite witty, aren't I?

Maybe not. Well, green is actually my favourite colour but I couldn't exactly incorporate it into my blog's name as "Seeing …", could I? Hm, maybe that could have made for an interesting blog, after all…

In the meantime, I'd just love to share the beauty of green here, anyways! It's such a wonderful colour! I think I once read that, as humans, we are wired to look for green and feel calmer when surrounded by it. It's easy to see why, since some of the world's most important things are green! Green is life, energy and wellness. Most of us gravitate towards it and I definitely know how happy I get looking at just the right shade of green! So, here's some green for all of you lovelies!

Words cannot express how much I am loving this sofa right now! And I can't
miss that awesome lamp or those perfect plants on the windowsill. White rooms
with a green thing or two are absolutely, fabulously and wondrously refreshing!
(A great big thank you to the great connoissuer behind Dustjacket Attic, for posting this today and inspiring me to do this post!)
Ah, thank you Pinterest. For blessing my life with this crazy beautiful ship! 
Isn't this just captivating? That shade of green is just brilliant...And now I'm 
listening to more pirate songs, again.
Green dresses are extra special to me. In my life, red or green jewel-like 
colours are the clear winners for any gown! Sophisticated and fun, at the same time.
In pretty much all the historical fiction I've ever read, my favourite heroines all wore a green dress at some point or another. Usually made of velvet. Probably why I was drawn to this painting in the first place...
I pretty much hyperventilated when I found this little treasure online. 
That marvellous green! It just works so well with the colour and intricacy of the metalwork!
Okay, this is definitely on my list of most magical wardrobe moments in history. 
Keira Knightly swishing her way to the library….or was it dinner? 
Who gets to wear a dress like this, just for a dinner? Might attract a James McAvoy, though!
Apple green suede shoes! Every girl deserves a pair. I actually bought myself new "elf" flats.
Dark green suede, scalloped edges and a pointed toe. But these boots are still
super high on my list of footwear-heaven!
Gosh, just add this to my list of things to envy redheads for...I've always wondered 
why gingers don't wear green more often? I mean, green must have been made for them!



  1. Ohh I love this post!!!! I'll admit that I wouldn't normally say green is a favorite color of mine but you chose the MOST stunning shades of green to feature in this post. As soon as I started reading it I thought, "I'll comment about that emerald dress Kiera Knightley wore in Atonement!" and then there it was. That moment in the film blew me away and I actually remember trying to find a dress like that to wear to prom in high school! Lovely post today.

    1. Aw, glad you loved this post! Green is gorgeous but I'll also admit that I have seen some ghastly shades of it. As for Keira's stunning gown…costumes really do make for memorable, magical movie moments! And I wanted that dress for prom too!


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