Monday, 27 January 2014

Snow Day!

Oh joy. The cold snap is back.

I do get to drive such a lovely route, though! On this road, I pass so many gorgeous apple orchards and even a valley, complete with river! Too bad I’m busy looking ahead at the road to look around.

Class is cancelled today. Not even due to the weather but because the profs are actually ill. Oh well.

I guess I will be taking full advantage of this day home (certainly not a day off)! I did get to enjoy a nice, easy morning with a perfectly ginormous breakfast and a favourite book, Anne of Green Gables. But now I have to work at all those school assignments and hopefully, I’ll get around to my own projects as well! Just a few DIY crafts, that’s all :)

I guess sometimes inspiration strikes early in the day. The cranberries in the drink were terrible though!


P.S. I tried making potato chips yesterday, thinking they’d work out beautifully (thank you, Pinterest!). I thought I’d be making them again and again forever, and that I’d even blog about them. Well, it was all going good until they came out of the oven half-burnt, half-raw and totally stuck to the foil. Then my dreams were crushed and I decided to leave chip-making to the professionals. C’est la vie. For Sabbie, anyways.

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