Friday, 14 March 2014


Holy moly! I just discovered a whole new world!

…The world of lighting!

I've been at this interior designing stuff for a while now but obviously, I'm an amateur. 
Even more so for not exploring lighting ages ago!

I have always appreciated lighting and it definitely plays a ginormous role in my designs and life but I never really gave much though to the actual fixtures. I mean, every once in a while, I'd come across some cute DIY chandelier or something but I never once actively searched for designed lighting fixtures.

But I did today. And boy, was it wonderful! Just feast your eyes on these beauts! (Quite enthused, huh?)

Chandelier (left) and Satyr (right), both found on Eurolite

These are both so enchanting! I've always had a passion for medieval-like chandeliers, and that setting is so inspirational and dreamy! The lampshades though, is something I've seen much, much less of! I just adore it! So rich in history!

Love Comes Again (By Ilfari)

I actually gasped when I saw this! I thought it was a castle at first! But isn't it SPECTACULAR? I imagine a child looking up in complete wonder at this.

Birds Family, found on Eurolite

And the one above is such a work of art! I was drawn to it instantly, it's just so quirky and fascinating. Really reminds me to stop looking at light as just light, but also as an opportunity.

57.7 by Omer Arbel
This last one just mesmerizes me! It is loosely based on rain clouds and ingeniously employs a method of glass moulding that is usually reserved for industrial use. Oh, I just can't stop looking at it, it's so wonderfully strange!


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