Friday, 14 March 2014

The Spring Thaw

No one has ever painted a more beautiful spring for me than the beloved Anne Shirley

"Spring had come once more to Green Gables—the beautiful, capricious, reluctant Canadian spring, lingering along through April and May in a succession of sweet, fresh, chilly days, with pink sunsets and miracles of resurrection and growth"

"Almost before Anne realized it, spring had come again to Green Gables and all the world was abloom once more…winter was over and gone with the thrill of delight that spring never fails to bring to the oldest and saddest as well as to the youngest and merriest…"

"Everything is new in the spring…Springs themselves are always so new, too. No spring is ever just like any other spring. It always has something of its own to be its own peculiar sweetness."

All these lovely quotes are from L.M. Montgomery's beautiful series, Anne of Green Gables. A series I read each spring and summer, without fail.


Loads of love,

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