Friday, 7 March 2014

Stripes, Not Just For Convicts...

L to R: ModclothBoden, IcebergThom Brown

Stripes are right up there with polka dots as my favourite patterns ever. Just like polka dots, they can be classy, conservative and sophisticated, and then they can be cosy, fun and playful too! They are simply some of the most versatile patterns out there. I definitely turn to stripes whenever I feel that adult Sabbie  is getting the best of me.

L to R: source, source, source

See what I mean? Instant fun! Aren't these socks just… MARVELLOUS? Can't imagine feeling sad while wearing these beauts!

L to R: sourcesourcesource

And I certainly love stripes in a home! Here you can see three totally different takes on stripes—all of which I'm torn over…Okay, I pick the Union Jack blanket! It's bloody brilliant!!

L to R: source, source, source
I usually despise nail art (sorry!) but these amazing nails are all so tempting! And all of them involve stripes at their subtlest, classiest best!

Well, I hope you liked some of those stripes! My own faves are the socks! Seriously, I own a lot of colourful striped socks but they have got nothing on the ones up there!


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