Monday, 3 March 2014

A Dose of Perspective with a Dash of Eccentricity

Perspective is everything. At least that's how I feel.

So much so, that I've spent my life eagerly exploring different perspectives, changing things (even little things) just to get a new look at life.

For as long as I can remember, I've tried to create and understand opinions or ideas someone else may have of something that I experienced or thought about. It has been a way for me to satiate my inquisitive soul but to also soothe my fretting mind. If I ever felt bad about my own life, I would imagine how happy and perfect it may look to someone on the outside and that would help me emanate the positivity of that idea until it felt more tangible in my real life, or I would just realize how inconsequential and incorrect fa├žades can be. Instant comfort.
Thus, perspective became something I crave. A therapeutic exercise. But it isn't always just about keeping it all in the mind, either. Another crazy important thing to be is weird

Try doing something the weird way, not the normal way.

I definitely seem a little kooky to my family, but even they have come to (more or less) accept that it is perfectly normal and to be expected that I may be found lying face down in the snow in the middle of the backyard one afternoon or drinking tea from atop a bookcase, the next. Really.
I always think "Alice in Wonderland" whenever
I think of  perspective! Source

Every night, I like to sleep in a different corner of my bed. Sometimes against the wall, sometimes balancing right on the far edge. Sometimes the headboard becomes the footboard or the width becomes the length (good luck trying to find my head in the mornings). I like to keep things changing because, well, first of all, why not?

Second, it just keeps this sort of creative energy weaving in and out of my life, keeping my eyes fresh and me from ruminating on the dull, unchangeable facets of life.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to go brush my teeth in my closet. What can I say? I like keeping myself on my toes…


P.S. I totally dare you to try it! When you pick up a book tonight or a cup of tea (or a plate of cookies!), take it to a new corner in your home. Maybe you can nestle into a kitchen nook on the counter or just sit on top of the table, whatever it is, just try it! And take a good look around.

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