Friday, 8 August 2014

Chasing Spontaneity

I used to think spontaneity and creativity were synonymous. Being weirdly random and deviant, i.e. no routines or schedules, seemingly guaranteed whimsical genius for me back then. I avoided structure like a plague or a noose. Turns out, I was horribly wrong.

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I ended up spending way too much time waiting for inspiration to just strike but the truth is, creativity has less in common with lightning strikes than is often thought. It's more of a vague mist most of the time. 

Instead of waiting for ideas to drop from the sky, turns out keeping up some creative routines that work for you is the key. I am definitely working on that. Right now, I'm trying to wake up earlier (the morning feels very, very foreign to me after years of night owling) to sit at my desk with a hot drink and my sketchbook. I am such a believer of sketchbooks as you may remember, so I'm really enjoying the challenge of starting each morning with a totally blank page and nothing but my own thoughts.

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So, it seems like this whole creative habit thing is working out pretty well, too bad I didn't try it sooner—it would have saved me a lot of frustration! Whether it is a time with a morning drink, some yoga, end of the night journalling, whatever is your thing, simply pushing yourself to actively pursue creativity can be just the thing you needed all along.


P.S. Here is a wonderfully inspiring little video on creative habits. It really helped shift my perspective on things!

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