Sunday, 26 October 2014

Crafty Woman: Darling Little Notebooks

Absentminded as I am, I am always scribbling things down as soon as they come to mind…on my wrists, little slips of paper, several notepad apps, and of course, actual notepads. So, I've really come to appreciate tiny little notebooks lying around my house and in my bag.

When I was assembling (assembling!) a birthday present for a dear friend a while back, I just had to include this quick little DIY bit!

They are actually really quite fun and easy to create. I just needed three tiny composition books, a quick rifle through my crafts drawer and I started gluing things on. Simplicity is key here!

For the first one, my favourite, I covered the notebook with card-stock, added concept art from the movie Tangled and then covered the spine with some decorative tape.

The second one I painted black and added some printouts of a cozy room I found on Pinterest (of course!). Third, my Union Jack inspired notebook is covered with a bit of leather and ribbons laid out in a cross pattern, tying off to the side.

These are pretty great for carrying around, tucking around the house or gifting, so I'll definitely be coming back to this DIY every now and then! 

And that is how you make these delightful handy dandy little notebooks! Blue's Clues, anyone?


P.s. This doesn't mean I'll give up writing on my wrists, though!


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