Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Swathed in Comfort: Robes

House robes, bath robes, dressing gowns, whatever you choose to call them—I love them!

So indulgent, so girly and just so, so much fun! 

Of course, I have my very old, very worn but very loved comfort robe (I confess: it's navy and it's polyester!) but I love to pick up a couple of pretty little things here and there!

left, right
 Honestly, sometimes the robes I love are practically confections. Ruffles, ribbons, silk, chiffon, fluff, and lace are all very welcome. Especially if the end result looks like something Lara Turner, Marilyn Monroe or Laura Ingalls Wilder would have worn…

left, right

And I love robes so much, I'm always trying to find ways to either sneak them into my day wardrobe or find pieces that resemble them—like long coats and sweaters!

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