Friday, 8 May 2015

Creating Purpose, Day by Day

Sleep. Work. Eat. Tv. Sleep. Work. Eat. Tv. Sleep.
(Or whatever routine is you)

Whether your days are a mad bustle or a slow, unwinding series, sometimes you may just feel like you're in an aimless rut.

I know I certainly struggle with that. Regardless of how outwardly busy I may be, sometimes my days just start to lack meaning and I fail to get excited about life as it happens. And I'm sure lots of people feel this way so here's how I manage to create a purpose for each and every day, making getting out of bed in the morning a whole lot more exciting.

1. 30 Challenges for 30 Days

Inspired by High Existence and Though Brick's challenges, I did something a bit weird on January 1st. I sat down for a few hours, cut up 150 slips of paper and wrote something (a dare, a compliment, an idea) on each. Then I stuck these all in a jar with the resolution to pick one out each and every morning, having to complete/keep in mind what each slip dictated, before the day's end.

The few people I shared this with thought I was a little zany but guess what. It totally works. I woke up every morning excited and nervous (in a good way) to pick out a slip. Finally I had something to look forward to, something to accomplish for myself, just for myself, each and every day. It was also super interesting to figure out a way to accomplish some of these tasks, especially the dares!

It's a fairly simple technique—this jar—but it's really so effective that it's now my go-to thing to keep the blues away. Definitely try it out to add a certain charge to your life :)

Source: Matt Pasant

2. Find something you want to do. And do it just for yourself.

So, over the winter, I kind of got hooked on learning languages. I've always been interested in exploring the cultures, lifestyles, mindsets, histories, etc. of people from around the world, so this isn't much of a jump. But it is quite different from my day job as an interior design student. I've decided to learn Korean and have dedicated hundreds of hours this past semester to learning the language, alongside other aspects of the culture. I've also been improving the other languages I know (Punjabi and Hindi) by writing my notes in those languages, listing to diverse music and so on.

The idea is to find something that is separate from your more "obligated" day job, even if it is a job you love. For example, an accountant may take up cooking or photography classes, or a graphic designer may take up dance or astronomy classes. Whatever piques your interest, develop it. Indulge it and enjoy doing something without any external pressure to succeed.

This is indulgence at it's best.

Peace and Stuff,


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